1960 Gottlieb Dancing Dolls pinball

Description: Dancing Dolls, 6/60, 1150 produced, 1 player with light bulb scoring, was the last Gottlieb game with light bulb scoring, 2 kick-out holes, 1 gobble hole. Backbox mechanical/light animation where a pair of ladies ('dolls') dance. This is a very cool mechanical animation feature. There is a single two dimensional flat doll, much like the flat mechanical men used in the 1950 Gottlieb Knockout. This mechanical animation is done much like the 1965 Gottlieb Buckaroo, where certain playfield scoring causes the dolls to dance. In my opinion, the backbox mechanical animation used in the 1960 Gottlieb Dancing Dolls is at least as good (if not better) than that used in the (more famous) 1965 Gottlieb Buckaroo pinball.

Behind the two-dimensional flat doll in the backbox is a metal sheild with two 1/2" holes. Behind the shield holes are large automotive light bulbs. When the player hits either the right or left 70,000 point playfield target (just above the slingshots), the accompanying "spot light" bulb turns on. This shines through the 1/2" hole and puts a shadow on the mechanical 'doll', which shows on the front of the backglass as the doll's shadow. If the other 70k playfield target is hit, both lights shine on the single mechanical doll, but it gives the appearance on the backglass of *two* doll shadows with spotlights. There is a relay coil below the mechanical 'doll' that causes the single doll to 'dance' at certain playfield scoring. This gives the impression of *two* Choreographed dancing dolls with spotlights on them shown on the backglass. After each ball is drained, the dolls' spot lights turn off (the player has to hit the 70k targets again to re-light the dancing dolls). A very cool mechanical/light animation trick.

Gottlieb Dancing Dolls also has six pop bumpers in a nest for excellent playfield ball action. There is a single 'gobble hole', but frankly it's in a position that is easy to avoid (it does not detract from game play, and really does not decrease ball time). There are NO playfield specials on this game! Roy Parker playfield and backglass woodrail pinball artwork.

Please contact me at cfh@provide.net if you have a Gottlieb Dancing Dolls game for sale, as I have several friends that would love to have this game.

The author's Gottlieb Dancing Dolls pinball.
The backlit "spot lighted" mechanical dancer are lit and can be seen here.

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