1975 Gottlieb Gold Strike pinball (1 player add-a-ball)

Description: Gottlieb Gold Strike pinball. Basically the same game as Gottlieb Eldorado. Lots of drop targets, single player wedgehead cabinet design. A very cool gottlieb pinball design with a bank of 10 drop targets across the top, and another 5 on the right side. The drop targets have green cactus printed on them. Four flippers, two 3" flippers at the bottom and two 2" flipper at the top of the playfield. Two pop bumpers and two slingshots, several rollover lanes. Basically the same playfield layout as the multi-player game Target Alpha and Solar City. Gottlieb used this playfield design 4 times, so it was a popular design. They made 2875 Gottlieb Eldorado pinballs in the replay version, and 675 Gottlieb Gold Strike add-a-ball pinballs. They also made an Italian version called Gottlieb Lucky Strike (1013 made). You can read up on the restoration I did on a 1975 Gottlieb Gold Strike here.

On the add-a-ball Gottlieb Gold Strike pinball machine, the objective is to knock down all the drop targets. There are three traveling lights ("spots"). Initially, these three lights (two across the top target bank, one across the side target bank) signify a 5000 point drop target (otherwise all non-lit drops are worth 500 points). The traveling light moves only when the white star rollover (center playfield) is hit. After all the drop targets are down, they all reset back up, and the WOW playfield light comes on. Now the 3 traveling lit drop targets are good for extra balls (three maximum, one for each traveling light). But when you lose the current ball, the WOW light goes out, and the drop targets and top A-B-C lanes return to 'normal' points (no more extra balls). And there are three A-B-C lanes too that correspond to other rollovers which increase in value from 100 to 1000 points. Additionally the three top right rollover lanes will light up (one corresponding to A-B-C) giving either 5000 points or an extra ball (if WOW is lit). These three top lanes are what to aim for during WOW as they can award lots of extra balls (up to 10 balls maximum, including the current ball). Extra balls are also awarded for point levels (operator adjustable).

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