1974 Gottlieb King Pin Pinball (1 player replay)

Description: Gottlieb King Pin pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Pin-Up (add-a-ball version) pinball. Ten drop targets in a straight bank. Single player wedgehead cabinet design. The horizontal bank of 10 drop targets (one for each bowling pin) have a set of two kickout holes above them. Two pop bumpers and two slingshots. A pair of 2" flippers towards the top of the playfield, and a pair of 3" flipper at the bottom. This pinball design is a modification of Gottlieb's Jack in the Box design. Personally I like this format better, as there's better player control and the pop bumpers don't tend to kick the pinball down the drain. They made 4350 Gottlieb King Pin pinballs in the replay version, and 715 Gottlieb Pin Up add-a-ball pinballs. Score cards ZIP'ed and in Photoshop format can be downloaded here (2meg).

The rules for Gottlieb King Pin pinball are fairly straight forward - knock down all the drop targets! The drop targets score 500 points, except for the one lit drop target that scores 5000 ponts (on 3 balls this happens from game start, on 5 balls this happens after knocking down all drop targets one time). After knocking down all the drop targets (once for 3 ball, twice for 5 ball), one light in front of the drop targets will signify that target as "Special" (replay). This light can move, if the ball hits the center rollover star. On a 3 ball game, the lit drop target turns on and off with the match stepper unit (on a five ball game this light is always on after knocking down all drop targets two times) The kickout holes across the top of the playfield and the lower outlanes alternate for 500 or 5000 points. The inlanes and top side rollovers light for 100 or 500 points (on a 3 ball game they are lit for 500 points from game start, on a 5 ball game they light after all drop targets are knocked down once). Other than that, there isn't much to this game other than to knock down all the drop targets, then rinse and repeat. You can read about the restoration of this game here.

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The author's Gottlieb King Pin pinball:

A conversion of the Gottlieb King Pin pinball by "Dirty Donny" and Wade Krause of http://www.pinballplayfield.com:

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