Williams Piggy Bankin Slot Machine Dotmation

Description: Williams Piggy Banking Dotmations Slot Machine, WMS, 1996, One of the first dotmation slot machines by williams, and probably their best seller. Piggy Bankin slot machine has a 192x64 dot matrix display (DMD) in addition to the three spinning reels. A neat animation on this game is when the pig turns into Elvis Piggy! Available in 2 coin version.

The bonus round is the "Break the Bank", which would be awarded when the player spun three "Break The Bank" symbols. This was how big payouts were awarded in the game, and happened when 30 coins were in the coin bank on the dotmation screen. Spinning 3 blanks would add the player's wager value to the coin bank. After the bonus round the coin bank resets back to 10 coins.

Piggy Bankin is considered to be a "vulture" game. That is, when the bank gets close to 50 coins, it's time for it to award "break the bank" and payout big. So players would walk around the casino looking for Piggy Bankings that had close to 50 coins, and somehow push the current player off the game. For this reason the "break the bank" bonus round was made a much smaller part of the game in the newer Big Bang Piggy Bankin slot machine. Another "vulture" or "rapable" williams slot was X-Factor.

Piggy Bankin was also a Telneas machine. That means it used 72 virtual stops for the reels (instead of 22 stops). Wms was sued over this by IGT and had to stop making all Telneas machines. This was another reason that Piggy Banking, though extremely popular, had to morph into Big Bang Piggy Banking (a non-Telneas game).

Even though Piggy Banking doesn't have the roulette wheel style bonus game like Big Bang Piggy Bankin, in a lot of ways the original Piggy Banking is a better game. The usage of the Telneas patent makes for bigger payouts, and the "rapable" feature of the coins in the bank make it somewhat predictable for a slot machine. Add to that ELVIS PIGGY and you have a true winner. The only advantage that Big Bang offers over the original Piggy Banking is the one additional (and totally random) roulette wheel style bonus game on the dotmation.

See a movie of Williams Piggy Bankin in action.

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