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TOPcast - This Old Pinball's Online Podcast
Pinball Podcast - Special Guests and Interviews about the Coin-Op Industry!
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What is TOPcast (Pinball PodCast)?
    TOPcast is an internet podcast with interviews of key pinball industry people, documenting the history of pinball. TOPcast also has a technical show (discontinued in 2008) that allows listeners to call in (or email) and ask tech questions about their (broken) games. On the tech show there's special features like Tech Tip of the Week, Stump the Chump, Game of the Week, Play of the Week, trivia contests and more. The shows are hosted by Shaggy of the 'This Old Pinball' video DVD pinball repair and restoration fame.

TOPcast WebCam:
The webcam is currently OFF.
    Shaggy and Norm have released EIGHT full length This Old Pinball DVDs on pinball history, repair, and restoration. Shaggy has also written extensive online pinball repair and restoration web pages at PinRepair.com. But now they are taking their show on the air! Well, the internet 'air' that is. In addition to shows with interviews of pinball industry people, TOPcast has a tech show that takes live callers to talk about anything related to pinball (from answering repair questions, to just their opinions). Call-in (or emailed) questions can be about *any* era of pinball (EM or solidstate), and even other arcade games like EM bowler and EM arcade and gun games. Shaggy and Norm cover it all, from 1947 to present. (Sorry but the call-in live TOPcasts have been discontinued as of November 2008, with show #63 being the last live call-in show.)

    Schedule of New TOPcast Shows:
    Don't forget to get on the TOPcast Mailing List, so you'll be emailed with the next show's download availability. Alll shows are available in the Download section. Note TOPcast is no longer doing live internet shows. All shows are now only available as downloadable podcasts through this website or iTunes.

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            Special thanks to those who helped with this project: theKorn, P.Kiefert, A.Warner, Norm.