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TOPcast - This Old Pinball's Online Podcast
Pinball Podcast - Special Guests and Interviews about the Coin-Op Industry!
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TOPcast Show Support (or How you can Help).
    TOPcast does NOT accept money donations for show support. If you really want to help support TOPcast, the best way to do this is to listen to show when it is aired 'live'. Also buying Norm & Shaggy's This Old Pinball DVD pinball restoration videos is another way to help. TOPcast also accepts donations of time and energy! If you have any ideas or suggestions, or you want to record a 'plug' for use on the show, please email Shaggy. Here's a couple plugs that other people have done (in good fun!) - Kirb, EricA, Beavis & Butthead, Oxana (From Russia with Love).

    Be a Guest on TOPcast.
    Got something to say about pinball? Are you involved as a manufacturer, designer, restorer, operator, salesman, or just a good player? Send Shaggy an email and get an interview on TOPcast.

    Advertising on TOPcast.
    We also use advertising during the show to help give it a more 'radio' feel. If you want to advertise on TOPcast, the price is pitifully low. Well, in fact, it's nearly free. All we need is a MP3 voice file that is about 30 seconds long with your advertising message. We'll do the rest. Email your MP3 file to The Korn, and we'll process your sound file for our show.

    Games for Shaggy's R&D.
    Shaggy is always looking to buy games. Any kind of games. Anything from DOA broken EMs, to nearly new-in-the-box stuff. This keeps the tech "pipeline" full, and keeps Shaggy's research and development ongoing. For example, the Repair Guides don't have any newer Stern material. 'Why', you may ask? Well Shaggy doesn't have any of these newer Stern games. So if you're looking to sell an old or new game, please contact Shaggy via email and let him know what you have for sale. It would be greatly appreciated. Shaggy sure would like to buy a Simpsons Pinball Party or Lord of the Rings (condition is not important), so he can get to work on a Stern Whitestar repair guide. Another game Shaggy is looking for is Capcom's Pinball Magic, to use for a Capcom repair guide. Unfortunately with Shaggy, price trumphs condition, since he spends all his free cash to support goofy pinball internet 'radio' stations and repair guides. Shaggy also likes EM games too, especially inexpensive ones! And he's always looking for old parts (EM or solidstate) and broken pinball circuit boards and other pinball junk.

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