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TOPcast - This Old Pinball's Online Podcast
Pinball Podcast - Special Guests and Interviews about the Coin-Op Industry!
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What is TOPcast VIDEO?
    TOPcast Video is the video version of TOPcast. That is, TCV is a podcast with video, but geared towards the entry-level gameroom/pinball collector. Most TOPcast Video shows are around 30 minutes in length (shorter than audio TOPcast shows). The TOPcast Video shows are hosted by Shaggy of the 'This Old Pinball' video DVD pinball repair and restoration fame.

    Subjects on TOPcast Video include basic stuff like pinball terminology, how to remove pinball top glass, how to clean a pinball game, basic pinball evolution from WW2 to present, and information on other types of game room equipment (like slot machines, bowlers, coin-operated video games, hockey games, etc.) For someone just getting into home gameroom equipment, TOPcast Video is the series for you!

Who is 'Shaggy', and why the hair?

    Who is this Shaggy guy, and Why the Bad Hair?
    The whole 'Shaggy' thing is a joke and take-off on the biggest pinball collector in the world (Tim Arnold of Las Vegas, who runs the Pinball Hall of Fame). The 'This Old Pinball' (TOP) DVD videos started out as a joke played on Tim Arnold (a long haired hippy type guy), whose nickname was 'Shaggy'. The joke became a popular one, and we've stuck with it. Hence the Tim Arnold-like hair and 'Shaggy' nickname.

    What is the Difference between TOP, TOPcast, and TOPcast Video?
    TOPcast Video is not designed to compete with the TOP (This Old Pinball) DVD series. The TOPcast Video format is more beginner level, "I don't know where to start". Where the TOP DVDs are more about repair and restoration of machines. TOPcast (audio only) is more geared towards pinball history (interviews with pinball people and historians). So TOPcast Video is different than TOP and TOPcast.

    What Formats are Available for TOPcast Video?
    TOPcast Video is available in three formats: WMV (Windows Media Video), MP4 (Mpeg4), and DVD discs. The MP4 version is designed to work on the Apple iPod with a video screen, and is higher quality than the equivalent WMV file. You may download the WMV files below. The MP4 versions are available only through iTunes. TOPcast Video will also be available on DVD, with four 30 minute episodes residing on one DVD disc. See pinrepair.com/top for more details on this.

TOPcast Video Show Downloads.
The TOPcast Video shows below are in 320x240 WMV (Windows Media Video) format, encoded at 256kbps.
  • TOPcast Video Show 01 - entire show (Wmv/Mp4, 50/98meg, 28mins).
    Sunday night show 7/15/07. TOPcast Video talks about pinball machine evolution 1947 to present, how to remove the top glass, how to lift the playfield, and pinball terminology.

  • TOPcast Video Show 02 - entire show (Wmv/Mp4, 55/115meg, 32mins).
    Sunday night show 7/22/07. TOPcast Video talks about how to properely move and set-up a pinball machine. Also covered are common pinball game start-up problems, how to properely clean a pinball playfield, and how to clean the playfield rubber rings.

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