Decoration Designs for Senior All Night Party (SANP)
Northville Michigan High School

by Clay Harrell.

Links to pictures below of recent Northville Senior All Night Parties.

Decoration Panel Layouts.
What follows are the Decoration Panel Layouts for the "Main Street" area of the Northville High School. The decoration panels are painted cardboard mounted to lightweight wood frames, and are stored at the drug store location. These bolt together, giving the walls of Main Street area a theme. Panels are shown below from the west side entrance (where the kids come into "Main Street"), and move towards the east to the cafateria commons. The panels are broken into areas - There are usually five areas (or themes). Each area has a large black wood entrance frame (again stored at the Drug store), which were made for SANP in 2006 (and are reusable).

Layout of the Northville High School.
The blue line along "Main Street" is where the decorations are placed. The "Competition Gym" is used for inflatables, and the "Auxiliary Gym" is used for the Casino. The "Cafateria Commons" is used for miscellaneous activities and for food. I propose that the area in the red circle be used as the ARCADE area (the area where I put all the arcade and pinball games).

SANP 2003: layout example

SANP 2003: blanked out. Print this out and start a new design.

Main Street area. Print this out and start a new design.

Entrance area.

Area 2:

Area 3:

Area 4:

Area 5: Hallway in front of Cafateria commons area.
SUGGESTION: Use this area for the ARCADE games. One less area
to decorate (less work for the parents), and more INTERACTIVE fun
for the kids. I can furnish with 15 to 20 pinball and arcade games.