2007 Northville MI High School Senior All Night Party (SANP)
by Clay Harrell.

What is a 'Senior All Night Party'?
Go back to the Home Page to read about the whole concept of what a SANP is. Links to pictures below of recent Northville Senior All Night Parties.

Pictures of Northville 2007 SANP.
With comments, as seen by me. The 2007 SANP was not as successful as 2006, at least in my eye. Needed more interactive decorations. Other than the games I provided, there really was no interactive displays, and no "actors" as used in 2006. This was a mistake, but the 2007 parents just were not as involved as the prior year. If it wasn't for John Springer, the 2007 SANP would have been a disaster. He did more decoration work than nearly anyone else. John was a worker for sure, and did what most of the other 450 parent-pairs of 2006 could not do (that is, give the kids their time). This was really sad in my opinion. (If you can't donate time for your own kid's last farewell to youth, what does that say about your parenting style? Future SANP parents need to keep this in mind, and to remember, the SANP party is FOR THE KIDS.)

The entrance way to SANP. The blue walls were cute, but the time spent on these was pretty big. Much like wallpaper that unfortunately, the kids hardly noticed. I was the one that 'cut in' the white letters. Another fellow did the fill-in. This was done on THE DAY of the party! When he started to put a second coat on the lettering I told him, "the enemy of good, is better, we have some other stuff to do in the 4 hours left right?" Applied the second coat of paint anyway, which did not have much time to dry. I heard the white paint was smeared on the blue background when the panels were moved to the high school, and had to be repaired at the high school. Sigh, but that's how things kind of went for the 2007 SANP.

Genius in design. The only interactive decoration area was the entrance - Universal Exports, thanks to Jeff Holler.

Here's the Univex room where the kids had to find the electrically activated secret door (currently open).

Moneypenny's office. Nicely done, with the kid check-in table.

Q's Lab. Needs more interactive displays. The gun game (Q Branch Weapons Testing) was the only interactive display. This area would have been easy to make interactive and interesting.

A gun game form me was well used.

Goldfinger area. Again, only the arcade games and Coffee bar were interactive. But the bars where a good photo opportunity.

More games on free-play.

CoffeeCatHQ doing her thing with custom hot and cold coffee drinks (espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc.)

The Diamonds are Forever Egypt area was an extension of the Coffee bars (two of them). More of a resturant table area than anything. The low tables (designed so the kids could sit on the floor) was a bad idea, as it created a traffic flow problem (the table tops were a bit too big).

The pyramids were an interesting 3D wallpaper design, but provided no interactivity. They also impeded traffic flow, much like the tables in the restaurant area. An interesting idea would have been to have them open up, and have actors dressed as mummys come out and scare the kids, or just to interact with the kids.

The Live and Let die Jamica area had a drink bar which was a nice interactive touch. Hamicks were well used come 3am!

The License to Thrill area had this interactive shark display. The kids could go inside for a good camera opportunity. A simple prop that provided a nice diversion - well done. The rest of the License area was a loss though. This area should have been FILLED with arcade games (there were three, but they had room for A LOT more!)

More free-play games which I provided.

From Northville with Love area, no interactivity. Also they used real Hay for this. Straw would have been a better choice, as I felt sorry for anyone with allergies.

More games in the Casino Royale area by me. These games should have been in the hallway. The Casino was in the gym, and the kids just did not hang out there. They spent most of their time in the hallway socializing. The games in the hallway were played non-stop. The games in the gym got good usage, but would have been played non-stop too if located in the hallway.

Thank You's.
At the end of the 2006 SANP project, our decoration group (about 15 people) got together for a 'thank you' lunch. That was really nice, and everyone had an opportunity to de-brief and to thank each other. Also, a year later, I received yet ANOTHER "thank you" from the head of the SANP2006 Karen Poulos with a certificant of appreication for my efforts. WOW!

Unfortunately at the end of the 2007 SANP project, there was no such conclusion. 2007 turned out to be a less fullfilling and a more thank-less job. But if I had to do it again, I would DEFINATELY do it again! Just I would have steerheaded the decoration projects a bit more and implemented the games better into the hallway decorations. That would have been difficult, as there really was no head decoration project lead. But I should have taken that job more aggressively. I would also get a better email/phone list of people involved, and make sure they were well thanked after the party.

I had some great support from some of my friends with the project. Moving the games from the Drug Store location to the high school and back (at 4am in the morning!) was quite a chore. Parker, Doug and Scott Freeman helped me with that. They made that job A LOT easier!! Also Eric A. and Mike B. helped me at the SANP party itself, working until 3:30am. In 2006 I did all those jobs alone with myself and my wife - and I was sick as a dog for about 10 days after the party. This year was better, and hey, I didn't get sick!