2005 Northville MI High School Senior All Night Party (SANP)
by Clay Harrell.

What is a 'Senior All Night Party'?
Go back to the Home Page to read about the whole concept of what a SANP is. Links to pictures below of recent Northville Senior All Night Parties.

Pictures of Northville 2005 SANP.
With comments, as seen by me. The order of pictures would be how SANP was viewed if walking in from the side entrance of the school (where the kids enter SANP), and walking through to the end of the decorations hallway.

I had absolutely NO involvement with SANP 2005, and it shows (no games!) Though their decorations are nice, they are CLUTTERED and NOT interactive. This is a bad design choice. Remember nearly 500 kids pass through this "Main Street" hallway. Having too much stuff in the center of the hall just makes it difficult to move, and frankly, hard to absorb. Also, the kids could care less about non-interactive decorations. They want stuff TO DO, and this design provides nothing for them to work with.