2008 Northville MI High School Senior All Night Party (SANP)
by Clay Harrell.

What is a 'Senior All Night Party'?
Go back to the Home Page to read about the whole concept of what a SANP is. Links to pictures below of recent Northville Senior All Night Parties.

Pictures of Northville 2008 SANP.
With comments, as seen by me. Northville SANP 2008 ran from 10:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. Saturday, May 31, 2008.

Sanp08 pictures below, taken at the community walk-thru a few hours before the event was to take place. The 2008 SANP theme was sports related, trying to represent all the local Detroit/Michigan sports teams and local Northville main street. Interestingly, Sanp08 spent a fair amount of money (in excess of $2500) for commercial game rentals (sit dow driving simulators, Chexx bubble hockey games, etc.). Not sure why they did that when I was offering the same games to them for FREE. I always thought it was better to get local people involved, especially those that donate lots of time and equipment. But that's another story...

My general thoughts are the hallway was WAY too cluttered with non-interactive decoration stuff. Over 400 students have to make their way through this hallway continually over the whole night. There's just too much clutter here, and very little of it actually gets the kids involved in an activity. Decorations are good, but they need to be more interactive. And the hallway still needs to function like a hallway. But anyways here's the pictures.

Here's the gym where the parent-made "horses" were set:

And the casino area in the gym: