Williams Slot Machines For Sale

I have the following games for sale. All games are "plug and play", ready to go. Games are reconditioned with updated power supplies and bill acceptors (take the new colored $20 bill). Includes the jackpot reset key and an electronic version of the service manual. Warranty included on each machine for local buyers, and I'm always happy to provide free telephone support for as long as you own the game. I do In-home slot machine repair service too, so if for some reason the game breaks in the future, I can assist. These slots machines are in the $400 to $750 range, which is a nice price for a real genuine casino slot machine.

Why Williams Slot Machines? Simple, they are better machines than other slots of the same era or even newer. These are not your Daddy's boring slot machine! Williams was a pinball company in the 1990s, and they had to make a better slot machine to break into the casino market. Hence their slots went a step further, with more features and better game designs. Good themes and concepts, with each game having a "hook" unique to that model. MUCH better sound and music than any other spinning reel slot machines made even today, and many of these Williams slots also have speech. Each game has a unique bonus sound track, unlike say IGT S+ slot machines where the sound is the same on all models, regardless of theme.

All Williams slots have backlit spinning reels (the reels light up when a 'winner' is spun). Some have dotmatrix video displays too, in addition to the three spinning reels (a VERY nice feature, combining both mechanical spinning reels and video animations.) Just about all Williams slots have some sort of "bonus game" or game "hook" (an game play idea that is unique to that game title). These are features not seen on much newer slot machines by other manufacturers. And the model Williams model 40x slot machine have a HOPPER (which spits out coins and takes coins). This is something that slot machines made in this decade largely do not have. (Newer machines are largely TITO, Ticket-In Ticket-Out).

Pickup is available in the Detroit Michigan area. Or if necessary I can ship from Toledo Ohio to your location (but frankly I prefer to sell locally and not ship). Email for details. Typical shipping cost is $100 to $200, depending on your location (shipping is more economical for a business delivery or shipping terminal delivery).

To be frank, pickup purchases are always preferred and get first priority. I hate shipping a slot machine, for a variety of reasons (mechanical and legal). Slot machines can be shipped, but just realize, when you get it and unpack it, things will be "shaken and stirred". Because of this, if this is your first slot machine purchase, I highly recommend you buy local. This way you can pick up the machine and understand how it works before you leave the seller.

Remember slot machines were not made for home use, and hence, their error codes and set-up procedures are a bit convoluted (casinos pay slot techs good money to train and repair/setup slot machines.) Just keep this in mind and understand there is a bit of a learning curve to owning a slot machine. Also online help is limited. That is, this isn't like owning a pinball machine where there's a lot of online help. Slot machine tech help is more guarded by "those in the know", than say pinball tech info. Just keep this in mind.

For more details please contact me at cfh@provide.net

Williams Perfect Match, roundtop cabinet, $550.
Great bonus game on this model, very similar to Jackpot Party but with a game show theme. Your host Phil Hopper (get it?) takes you through a great interactive bonus round.
Movie of game in play
Game Info

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